The following samples illustrate the variation of quality you will find within this collection.  Clearly, all original "fake books" were
handwritten.  The first example is typical of this style.  In more recent years, with the advent of desktop publishing, the newer fake
books, or often called "real books," have been upgraded in quality significantly.  Needless to say, a "fake book" was never meant to be
reproduced at the level a publishing house would produce a manuscript.  But let's face it, you're not paying $4.95 per song with a
"fake" edition either!

All scores have been scanned between 150-200 dpi.  Most are clearly readable however sometimes scanners act up as well and there
are several pages that could be clearer.  There are also some older fake books in the collection that were well "used" prior to scanning
- this is evident in the scans as well.
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