Kurzweil ME-1
Micro Ensemble Synth Module
World-class sounds on a small-town budget!
The low-cost Kurzweil ME-1 Micro Ensemble Synth Module features a wide variety of piano, keyboard, and synth
sounds, as well as strings, guitars, basses, voices, and drums - a total of 256 programs in all. The samples and synth
programs are taken directly from Kurzweil's PC2 series instruments, including the beautiful stereo triple-strike acoustic
piano sample, multi-strike electric pianos (both Rhodes and Wurlitzer), and the the regular organ programs.

The ME-1 offers 32-voice polyphony and is multitimbral on all 16 MIDI channels. A global effects processor features the
same effects found in the Kurzweil Stage Piano series. You can choose from one of 9 different effects directly from the
front panel or via MIDI (the effects are applied the same for the programs on all MIDI channels). The Kurzweil ME-1 can
also be transposed up or down up to an octave.

Kurzweil ME-1 Micro Ensemble Synth Module Specifications:

1/2 rack module
MIDI In and Through jacks
Outputs: 2 analog outputs (1/4" jack left/mono and right)
Stereo headphone out
External power supply.
Kurzweil ME-1 Micro Ensemble Synth Module Features:

256 programs
Same samples as Kurzweil's PC2 instruments
32-voice polyphony
16-channel multitimbral
Global effects processor features 9 different effects