GEM (General Music)


Digital Grand Piano

Mahogany Polish




      This GEM gRP800 comes to us from the original owner
who downsized and no longer had room for a grand piano.
      It is in excellent condition and the cabinet finish is
      It features Generalmusic's exclusive Drake technology,
which the company originally unveiled at the Musikmesse in
Frankfurt. Drake technology provides a real-time physical
modeling system supported by a new large PCM database
packed with high quality instrument samples, including the
Fazioli F308 concert grand piano.
      The GRP800's advanced technology also reproduces
vintage electro-mechanical instruments like Rhodes,
Wurlitzer or Clavinet realistically.
      To faithfully reproduce the distinctive acoustic
properties of an acoustic piano, the piano sounds
incorporate GEM's patented physical modelling algorithms
like Damper Physical Model, Natural String Resonance,
Advanced Release Technology and Filter Algorithm
Dynamic Emulation (FADE).
      The on-board DSP provides various reverbs and other
high quality effects for additional space and warmth of tone.
The GRP800 sports a weighted keyboard with Advanced
Graded Hammer Action offering a playbility usually only
available with high end grand pianos.
      Other useful features of the GRP800 include a digital
metronome, a recorder (2 track, 20.000 event) to record
and replay your performances, and an internal music library
containing 50 known piano pieces. The music library allows
the student to learn by playing each part separately at a
comfortable speed.
      Built from quality materials and including a sliding key
cover, the GRP800's enclosure is designed to complement
any ambience. Various high gloss cabinet finishes are also
available. The sound system incorporates a 40W+40W
amplification system.
GEM gRP800 Digital Grand Piano