FURMAN Power Factor Pro
This gear is from the estate of a professional musician in Eugene,
OR that recently passed away - considerably before his time.  We
are working for the estate to liquidate all his instruments, sound
gear and accessories.
What you will find here are some great deals on gear that has
been treated with love.  Albeit somewhat dusty in a couple of
cases (e.g.,
see JBL speakers), everything was working fine when
it was removed from the decedant's home and should continue to
do so.  No warranties, however, go with any of these products.  
Where accounted for, the original owner's manuals will also be
shipped with the product purchased.  Sorry, no original boxes are
The Furman Power Factor Pro for sale was
housed in this case in the client's recording
studio when we received it.  Aside from
normal scratched associated with putting
inside a rack, it is in good shape.
All other items shown in rack are also
available including the rack case itself.