All-Time Best
Standards, Jazz, Latin, Swing and Blues!

Tired of buying collections, methods and individual sheets only to end up with
endless duplication and tons of tunes you don't want?  Well, here's the solution.

Musicians have trusted these volumes since the early 1970’s to get them
through gigs, rehearsals and studio sessions.  Now you can own 44 of the best
fake "real" books available - over 15,000 pages in .pdf format on one DVD.  
View them on your own computer and print out selected songs to create your
own custom music library.

Included is a complimentary copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 - for
easy viewing.  If you have a DVD drive on your computer,  you're ready to go!   
Also included is an INDEX .pdf file containing a listing of all the song titles.

Free U.S. Shipping via US Postal Service First-Class mail in a padded manila
envelope. We ship within two business days and usually within 24 hours.

Order by PayPal or by sending a check for $39 to:  44 Fake Book Offer,
c/o Piano Liquidators, 2733 Shirley St., Eugene, OR  97404.

Here is a listing of the books included:
1.     The OREGON Fake Book (Various):  60 pages
A collection of the most performed titles in the Northwest

2.     The Real Book 5th Edition (C): 512 pages
A "Must Have" Book For Performing Musicians

3.     The Real Book Volume 1 1st Edition (C): 490 pages
Original Edition Of The Real Book

4.     The Real Book 5th Edition (Bass): 510 pages
A "Must Have" Book For Performing Bass Players

5.     The Real Book 5th Edition (Bb): 492 pages
A "Must Have Book For Bb Instruments

6.     The Real Book 5th Edition (Eb): 506 pages
A "Must Have" Book For Performing Musicians

7.     The Real Book Volume 1 (Eb): 446 pages
Original Edition Of The Real Book In Eb

8.     The Real Book Volume 1 1980 Edition (C): 552 pages
Revised Edition Of The Original Real Book With Added Titles

9.     The "All New" Real Book Volume II (C): 422 pages  
Addendum to the Original Real Book Vol. 1

10.   The Real Book Volume II (Bass): 402 pages
Addendum to The Real Book Vol. 1 (Bass)

11.   The Real Book Volume II (Bb): 420 pages
Addendum to The Real Book Vol. 1 (Bb)

12.   The Real Book Volume II (Eb): 420 pages
Addendum to The Real Book Vol. 1 (Eb)

13.   The "All New" Real Book Volume III (C): 336 pages
More Titles added to Real Books Vol. 1 and 2

14.   The Real Book Volume III (Bb): 366 pages
More Titles added to The Real Book Vol. 1 and 2 (Bb)

15.   The Library of Musicians Jazz (C): 217 pages
Collection Of The Most Requested Songs For Performing

16.   557 Standards (C): 457 pages
Straightforward Arrangements of 557 Standard Tunes

17.   Jazz LTD (C): 402 pages
More than 500 titles the other fake books missed!

18.   The Book (C): 514 pages
Better known as “The Encyclopedia of Commercial Music”

19.   The Colorado Cookbook (C): 292 pages
“Tasty Tunes For The Musical Gourmet”

20.   The Real Vocal Book (C) : 492 pages
The Real Book with Lyrics!

21.   The Russian Fake Book (C): 105 pages
Don't panic!  Only the cover is in Russian. 150 handwritten
tunes with the titles in English.  "Dobry!"

22.   The Slick Book (C): 365 pages
Jazz, Rock & Roll, Standards.  A great collection of tunes
you won't find elsewhere.
23.    The Cuban Fakebook (C): 193 pages
Clearly Written Book of Cuban Tunes.

24.    Real Book II (The Other Book) (C): 286 pages
Additional Songs The Real Book Missed

25.    The Brazil Real Book (C): 261 pages
A Collection of Great Latin Tunes (Bone up on your meter for these!)

26.    Thelonious Monk's Compositions (C): 73 pages
Handwritten charts as recorded by Monk

27.    The Slick Book 2 (C): 190 pages
A relatively rare book featuring more Rock & Roll

28.    Thelonious Monk Real Book (C): 61 pages
Addendum to #26 with some different rhythms

29.    Places #1 - Jazz Standards (C): 230 pages
Nicely handwritten titles you won't find in most other books

30.    Places #2 - Contemporary Jazz Funk (C): 238 pages
Handwritten titles by musicians like Pat Martino, Chick Corea,
Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Steve Swallow, and
John McLaughlin

31.    Places #3 - Mixed Jazz Bag (C): 238 pages
A collection of jazz "goodies" with a special Jazz, Torch & Blues Vocal

32.    Places #4 - Compendium of Jazz Tastes (C): 280 pages
A great collection of various jazz styles

33.    Places #5 - Bebop (C): 220 pages
It's Bebop . . . what else can we say?

34.    Places #6 - Solos (C): 412 pages
A tremendous collection of some of the greatest jazz solos ever!

35.    Firehouse Jazz Band (C): 778 pages
The "Performers'" Dixieland Fakebook.  Titles you won't find elsewhere.
Most titles also include lyrics.

36.    Volume #1 Of Over 1000 Songs (C): 369 pages
A collection of the most requested songs for the performing musician.  Most
include lyrics.

37.    The Great Gig Book (aka "The Blue Book") (C): 397 pages
768 of the most requested Standard, Swing, Latin, Ethnic, Waltz, Dixie,
Jazz, Novelty and "other" titles for casual gigs

38.    Jazz Anthology (Anthologie Des Grilles De Jazz) (C): 973 pages
1558 handwritten Jazz titles from the traditional repertoire. This book from
France has been a "must have" for European players For years!

39.    Jazz Anthology (Anthologie Des Grilles De Jazz) (C): 487 pages
1558 handwritten chord charts for the traditional repertoire.  A "must have"
for gigging musicians!

40.    The Vanilla Book (C): 234 pages
413 Chord Changes to Jazz Standards

41.    Fakebook of Swing Jazz (C): 455 pages
440 swing and jazz standards, many not found in any other book

42.    The Tin Pan Alley Book (1900's Standards) (C): 800 pages
800 pages of America's best loved tunes.  Includes 100 Pages of Dixieland
& Blues

43.    Monster Jazz #1 (C): 310 pages
Jazz fakebook with over 400 titles

44.    Unknown Fake Book (C): 202 pages
No apologies here. This is an obscure collection at best with no known
cover.  Must be a great book though since the pages are so worn!  A
bunch of great titles you won't find anywhere else!
Sorry.  Due to the nature of the contents of the DVD, we
cannot accept returns on this item.  If ever damaged we
will however gladly replace it if you return the original DVD.