The Legend organ is able to
perfectly recreate the sound of
tonewheels organs offering you
again the “vintage feeling”. With
four sets of drawbars and
double keyboards, this organ
stands apart from all the rest in
advanced technology sound,
feel and much more affordable
pricing. Every aspect of a
tonewheel keyboard and sound
is so perfectly duplicated that
players all over the world are
saying "it's the best ever!
Exclusively at NW
Piano Gallery
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  • 50 Broadway Musical Scores on DVD
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  • 144 Fake Books on DVD
  • Jamey Aebersold on DVD
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62 Fake Books on DVD1 50 Broadway Musical Scores on DVD2 44 Fake Books on DVD3 76 Fake Books on DVD4 144 Fake Books on DVD5 Jamey Aebersold on DVD6 Berklee School of Music on DVD7
41" Console
Was  $896
NOW  $496!
Do your old piano keys look
like this?
We can make them look like
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